Emails appear as "Not Sent" or "Partially Errored" in Email Queue

Hi all

I have set up a Mailbox in Exchange Online, which can connect with an App Password. Since Microsoft is disabling Basic Authentication for all services apart from SMTP only, I am only able to send mails but not to connect over IMAP. When I now send a POS receipt over email, the message is received by the recipient. Nevertheless, the mails in Email Queue show as “Not Sent” and after a wile as "Partially Errored”. When I open the email, the status in the recipient list shows “Sent”. When I use the button “Send Now” I get the error:
IMAP4.error: b'LOGIN failed.'

Could it be that the send email functionality errors when IMAP login is not possible?

Has anyone an idea how to prevent the email from being listed as “Not Sent” or “Partially Errored”?


Same Issue I am facing. Can anyone help on this

@unknownTH, Have you got solutions for this