Emails are not getting auto-created as an issue

I have set up an Email domain and Email, and I have setup append on “Issue” but still emails are not coming as a issue.

Can anyone help?

Dear @Divyank_Gupta
could you check your email settings are right? You can try forget password feature in login screen to request password reset, so you can be sure your mail settings are right.

I can send emails from erpnext, I append it to “Issue” but the emails are still not coming as an issue.

“Append To” Field need filled with “DOCType Field” as its said could you change it with something “Subject” with double quotes and try again?

Like this?
If I save then it says no changes made.

Am still not getting EMails as an issue

Look into it deeper.

I have just set it yesterday on v13 didn’t check if it worked.

Will test it amd get back to you.

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Can you assist me with this?

Can anyone share the manual on how to setup “Support” in ERPNext?