Emails are not sending from queue


Emails such as Reset Password, Confirm email all send fine but the contact form one doesn’t.
It gets stuck in the Email Queue and I have to manually click Send for it to go.

How can I make this happen automatically?

Hi, @Nayan_Patel

The below code is the syntax to send mail automatically, you can make necessary changes in it. The methods is used for email is{
        method: '',
        args: {
            sender: "",
            recipients: "email_id",
            subject: 'hello user',
            message: 'This is an auto mail generated from the system',
            send_email: 1
        callback: function (r) {
            if (!r.exc) {
                frappe.show_alert('Email alert sent');

Hope this will help you out.

Thank you.

Hey @VINOTH , how do I use this?

All I want is for the emails to automatically send instead of all just ending up in the queue, then I have to manually press send to make them go through.

Have you customized it yet? I also want to do the same

Use this command “bench --site sitename enable-scheduler” it helps you