Emails are not sending from Session User


I am using v13, i’ve setup email account, and i unchecked
Always use Account's Email Address as Sender

but still email are not sending from logged in users email.

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you have to check Always use account’s Email address as a sender

For example : i’ve setup the sending account as

if user is trying to send some email from erp,
its going now as Shahid
and email queue show sender as Shahid

if i enable Always use account’s Email address as a sender
its still going as Shahid also email queue shows the same.

what is want is, it must go with Shahid as showing in email queue.
i think if i disable Always use Account’s Email Address as Sender it must work like i required but not working.

Hi, any help?

The restriction was from Gsuite, must need to create alias in gsuite in order to work.