Emails are not sending to the user

Hi All,

Good Day,I am getting a issue in emails while sending the mails i am getting an error like
(550, ‘5.7.60 SMTP; Client does not have permissions to send as this sender [BM1PR0101MB1828.INDPRD01.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM]’)
may i know why it is coming and what the steps i have to take to resolve this…

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Hi @kittusai,

it might be that the mail server is rejecting mails if the sender is not identical with the user who logs in to send. Have you tried to use the account email address?

Setup > Email Account >

Hi @lasalesi,

i already tried by checking that option then also i am getting the same error

A Google search indicates an issue with SPF records, have you looked into this?

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