Emails / Comments / Communications should be Collapsible to make it more user friendly while going through History of Lead / Customer?

I have seen on softwares like ZOHOCRM that they have a beautiful way of showing the History of a Lead or Customer (as shown in screenshot below) :

Pros of showing in this way:

  1. It gives more user friendly feel with collapsible Emails or Communications showing below the Customer / Lead.
  2. Even if their are 10 emails sent to a Lead in present ERP system it becomes tedious to SCROLL DOWN and hence it consumes unnecessary energy.
  3. It shows only the Subject Line of email / communication and you can click the same to Open the Complete Email and Read the same.



You can also run a Report View on the Communication table.

This is a suggestion as it will make ERP more user friendly for the CRM users or email integration users. Zoho has a very good CRM functionalities which I think if incorporated will make it very user friendly like the one shared above i.e. Collapsible communication / email / comments.

If needed I can share the videos as well with your team.

Hello @Abhinav_Duggal

I think your suggest would be very useful. The email features have been improving steadily, but there are still areas that ERPNext lag behind such as what you have pointed out. the problem is resource really. Frappe are very busy with many other things in ERPNext and although probably not a ton of work, there are so many other good Feature Request in Github that it may take a while before this could be realised. Email can be used throughout the whole application so its important to my mind that underpinning features can be improved as well as separate sections and new Domains.

If i were you, I would create a GitHub issue (Feature request) of this with the graphics so it can be +1’ed by any others so frappe and the community understand if this is an importance or priority to them.

If this is particularly useful to you, please consider creating a Bounty too, so a number of us can club togther to get this developed. I would be happy to add to the pot if you make this a bounty