Emails in IMAP custom folders not showing up in erpnext

To organize my emails I’ve created some custom IMAP folders (e.g. Personal, Work, Hobby etc) and defined filters to automatically move emails accordingly. It seams that emails that are put into custom folders are not showing up in erpnext. Has anyone experienced this?

GitHub Issue filed.


  • ERPNext: v10.0.23 (master)
  • Frappe Framework: v10.0.25 (master)
  • Mail server: Internal company IMAP server
  • Mail client managing custom folders/filters: Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Email Sync Option: ALL

Interesting question. I have not tested this myself but I understand the IMAP email pulling is fairly simple where it looks for unread emails by default (although this can be configured to sync all emails read or unread).

I presume it would only check the Inbox as normally its regarded that the mailbox is one that is not generally manipulated outside of ERPNext. Odoo used to work fairly similar to this in this regard.

This is just another example of the email inbox implementation disconnect…

For ERPNext to grow users need the flexibility such that those whom need to operate fully within ERPNext can and those whom interact limited/ solely via email experience no impediments. The imap implementation in ERPNext is far from a full stack with way to many limitations. We have been looking at this but it seems there is little interest to evolve this fundamental communication component so we proceed very slowly… Does it work yes but not as well as it should for how important email is…

GitHub Issue filed.