Emails not sendng

When I first started using ERPnext invoices etc was sending normally even though I hadn’t set up an email. I assume that is because I am using the cloud according to this link “If you are on the ERPNext cloud, the default outgoing email is set by us.”

Anyway, because they are not sending I have set up an email as advised using these steps:

  1. set up an email with my email host
  2. Went to email account and put in the email name
  3. Clicked “Use Different Email Login ID” and entered in the email and password I use to access the email in step 2
  4. I only selected outgoing as I don’t want incoming mail
  5. entered in the correct stmp settings and checked they are correct with the host
  6. Saved it

However, they are still not sending. It is set to default sending email too


You might want to check if your server is sending mail or not

Try and do the following

telnet your.server.ip 25 or telnet you.server.hostname 25

and the result should be something like this

220 your-server ESMTP Postfix

It’s likely that mail services have not been setup yet on your server.


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Hi @saidsl I am receiving and sending mail fine from office 365 itself

These are the settings I used for the domain POP and IMAP account settings - Microsoft Support

I currently have £2500 outstanding as I can not send the invoices


I’m another UK ERPNext user.

If you’re a cloud user you should have support via Frappe themselves.

To make it clear it may be worth making a screencast of setting your outgoing email account. Otherwise if you really can’t get it to work why don’t use a transactional email ie sendgrid etc ?

Good luck


If your Office 365 is working fine than its an indication that the ERPNext instance, if installed on a Nix machine, the mail packages/services are not installed/working properly

This may be helpful.

You can view email queue and see Whether your email has been added to the queue and see the details.

Login as administrator and open :

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Hi guys thanks for your replies

@saidsl I am using the ERPNext cloud.

A domain has also been set and user permissions have been granted

If a check in logs/worker.error.log does not confirm periodic healthy activity with notice of for example these:


then check account and server settings, service ports and firewalls. You will need to check for service connectivity (ie continuity) between each server instance, to isolate and identify each as the suspect problem source.

A forum search will turn up much that has been written to troubleshoot email problems.

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I have similar issue. IMAP is working fine and I can receive emails with ERPNext.

But the problem is sending outgoing email. When I check the Email Queue, nothing is there at all. Worker logs only show pull_from_email_account which are working well. But nothing about sending email…