Emails stuck in queue despite everything apparently set up correcetly

Hi everyone,

we’re using Frappe and ERP Next with version 14.

However, the emails in our Email Queue are not sent automatically. When clicking ‘Send Now’ the emails are sent correctly.

What we checked so far:

  • We have a working Email Account set up, which is enabled for sending mail and set as default account.
  • We also configured the details in the common_site_config.json which is read correctly.
  • We ensured that the Scheduler is active and that the flush task is executed approx. every 4 minutes

When inspecting the logs, we encounter the following error:

error_message=_("Please setup default Email Account from Setup > Email > Email Account"),

Looking at the source code, this occurs, when the system is not able to determine the corresponding and/or default outgoing mail server. But from our point of view, everything seems set up correctly…

We’re wondering why this might be.

Furthermore, it appears that recently created user accounts are able to receive the notification emails.

It all probably stopped working since the upgrade to ERP13/14 which we recently did.

Hope someone can help.

Cheers and best!

The Problem solved itself.

After an Update it was working again. So apparently it was either a bug or just a hickup of our system.