Emails stuck in queue

Hi My server is on an ubuntu platform with V12. I had setup the email accounts.

I had created a new quotation and sent an email from there. After send button is clicked, I was checking the email queue on status. It stayed in not sent status for long.

When I searched the forum, I found that enable-scheduler should be set and did bench doctor. The o/p of doctor is
-----Checking scheduler status-----
Workers online: 3
----- Jobs-----

NOTE: When I press Send Now push button, the email does go out.

has anyone faced this problem before? if yes, could you help me resolve this please? Thanks.

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enable scheduler by run this command

bench --site all enable-scheduler

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thanks. I did enable the scheduler. I dont know the purpose of it though.

The doctor o/p was after enabling scheduler and restarting the supervisor.

after enabling scheduler that well check email queue every 4 minutes and send

thanks. I did this already…but the email is still not sent out automatically. are you aware of any log file to look for diagnostic messages?

Check if the user creating the quotation is permitted to send as default email for notifications.

how do I check that? its the same user who created the quotation and he can send the email from email queue using ‘Send now’ button.

I can now receive the emails from erpnext with the email accounts setup on the app.

can someone help me understand the use of postfix? I understand this package was mentioned on the installation guide which I didnot install. Is it just a service that connects the smtp server to send emails? does it also play a role in processing the incoming emails?

Hi, have you got any solution for this problem. I do have the same issue on V12 … and I never had this problem before!!!
ERPNext: v12.12.1 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.10.2 (version-12)

Hi @Amr_Zahra I am sorry that I dont remember exactly what I did to resolve the above. But please ensure that you set up the email accounts properly.