Embed External Website in Module

Hello, is it possible to embed external website inside ERPnext module ? such as using iFrame.
i want to load external website but still inside ERPNext platform. Thank you.

anyone ?


With ERPnext it is possible to add external website inside ERPnext module using iframe. But you can also make a full website on the erpnext using the external web page which based on html, css javascript.
External web pages works like erpnext website which you can make and are independent entity outside of ERPnext framework and javascript library.

We use both features internal and external pages of erpnext.
Hope this help.

This is for your refferences:

Could you show me how to do that ?

I create new page using portal module, but how i access it ? i already edited the .js file page.

Hi Irvan,
For external pages pls refer to this:
We have a tutorial for pages, hope you can use this.

As for the iframe pages, we are developing custom apps to embed module with iframe based external page. We will inform you when we finish developing the apps.

I got it, thank you for your help.

Is there an open ticket where we can follow progress?