<embed> once saved turns the <> to &lt;

when saved turns to

<embedheight=“100%” src=“/files/datasheet.pdf” type=“application/pdf” width=“100%”<

on webpage content type HTML

It seems your web page source code syntax is invalid html markup.

Each html element must have an opening and closing end tag ‘<’ and ‘>’

Read about the misnested tag problem here HTML syntax - HTML5

What browser are you using?

syntax was correct. I just noticed when I save it in this forum it messed with how it looks

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Ahh ok so enclose code you copy and paste here in ```, that should preserve the content and not change or affect the display rendering

I’ve also noticed a few times when editing html it would chain down and replace all the < > with < no idea how to reproduce it. seemed at random

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can you please explain with example