Embeddable Forms for external sites

Hello guys I have a customer that looking to be able to have embedded forms on there website that connects to ERPNext. Now given ERPNext restful api this is doable for me but the customer want to be able to design the forms himself. Now i am looking at using formio. GitHub - formio/formio: A Form and Data Management Platform for Progressive Web Applications.

An example for this would for say a job application that they have embedded into there website. They would want this to be able to inserted into lets say at applicant tracking doctype.

I am looking to see what the community thinks of this.

Please try Web Form feature of ERPNext.

@umair I have been using that for a lot the last couple of weeks. What i feel it lacks way to embeds into other websites. I have about 4 sites right now that i have been doing is formio to being that data into erpnext. Unless i have missed something in web forms. Is there a way to embed them into other websites?


Forms are rendered in the whole site, so embedding using iframe would include many extra elements like navigation, newsletter sign up (confusing extra field!), maybe sidebar too. An iframe is not helpful unless there is a specially/minimally formatted embeddable option.

Tried iFrame but this doesn’t actually load the form. I see a “website.erpnext.com refused to connect” message and I haven’t found any documentation on why and what needs to be done to get it connected. Any suggestions?

I really wanted to start embedding forms from ERPNext into other websites. Surprised that this is still not supported. This sounds like a very useful feature to me. :slightly_smiling_face: