Embedding webpage in the Customer DocType Custom Field

i created a analysis webpage but i want to embedding this webpage in the Customer DocType , in simplest word , the js will ajax the web service, and then show out in the Customer DocType custom field, how do i implement it in erpnext ?

Note : Ajax will sent in [contact no. of the customer to search the customer’s record, and the the record will show it in webpage [I have existing interface of the analysis record page and web service]

How do i implement the embedding webpage in the Customer DocType Custom Field? The custom field is where the field showing the iframe webpage.

you can add the HTML custom field and render your custom content on HTML field

@makarand_b, Add HTML custom field ? how can i achieve this ? do u means to customize form of Customer by add new custom field as HTML type?



To render the html content on your custom HTML field please check how Item Tax break up are rendered on Sales Order, Invoice etc.

@makarand_b, thank you very much of your guidance, i will try it now ^^ Have a nice day ahead.