EMD Earnest Money Deposit

Hi…Developers ERPNext… I want to add doctype EMD- Earnest Money Deposit with full functions to ERPNext V-14.

Anyone who has written code/script…please share at Forum. Thanks

I myself have built a scenario for EMD:

  1. In COA=.Assets=>Current Assets=>Security & Deposits. Select type of Earnest Money as Income A/C.

2.Create an item name: Security Deposit and link the above account in accounting tab.

  1. Create a new naming series for sales invoice with ACC-SINV-EMD-.YYYY.-

  2. Create an invoice and select item Security Deposit and submit.

  3. Create a Journal Entry: Chose Earnest Money A/C and Bank and copy reference from sales invoice.

  4. After the due period at maturity: Reverse the journal entry and create a credit note against SI.

Hope … this is a good scenario. If someone has better idea…share plz. Thanks & Regards