Employee checkin Doctype field Time display issue

List display of employee checkin doctype Field Time does not print properly the Time component. The date component is displayed properly

While editing the doctype the Time is proper.


Instance version details

The same instance has a custom script as part of employee checkin doctype which does a fetch of the attendance doctype.

() => {
let args = {
filters: [{“attendance”: frm.doc.attendance}],
fields: [‘log_type’, ‘time’, ‘name’],
order_by: “time”

			return 	frappe.db.get_list(frm.doc.doctype, args).then(docs => {
				$.each(docs || [], function(i, val) {
					if(val.log_type === "IN"){
					}else if (val.log_type === "OUT"){

Key Error:1 notice when a call made to frappe.db.get_list(…)