Employee Checkin & Shift Type for Lunch Break

Hi All,

Is there a way to accommodate breaks with the standard erpnext Shift Type and Employee Checkin without using custom script?

I have tried using a default shift type with the Determine Check-in and Check-out as
Alternating entries as IN and OUT during the same shift and Working Hours Calculation Based On Every Valid Check-in and Check-out, this does generate the right working hours but the time the employee punched out and in for the break is not visible neither the part whether they left early or came late as there are no fields for it unless I add a custom script.

While researching I did see some posts recommending Timesheets, I would prefer to use employee checkin as it is connected with the biometric device.

Is there a different approach to this?

Since bio-metric also logs in and out time only, that’s all ERPNext can sync from third party application. If there is any additional information provided in the bio-metric system’s backed, you could perhaps consider capturing it in the Employee Checkin record as well.