Employee Date of joining

Dears :

Human resource module ---- employee

i need for example if

Date of Joining : 1-1-2016

Employment Type : less than 6 month

i need to make a kind of counter which will start with the day that the employee joint to our company and change its Employment type automatically according to certain criteria as follow .

Date of Join : 1-1-2016 -------------------- Employment Type: less than 6 month

so the counter will start to count and after 6 month from that start point the counter will be

1-6-2016 so it will change automatically the Employee type to be Less than 1 year

and after 6 month

the counter will change Employee Type To be Less than 1 year

how can we achieve that automatically behave dears ?

thanks a lot for your view .

This can be achieved using custom script. Are you familiar with custom script?

You can learn about it and see some examples here: http://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/customize-erpnext/custom-scripts/

Start writing script, if you get stuck we can help you out but cannot give you out of the box script for this.

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Thx a lot for your help i will read it