Employee does not see any earned leaves when he logs in


We have created an employee with the name Employee 1 and joining date 1st Jan 2020.

We want to grant him 24 annual leaves i.e. Casual Leaves = 18 days. Sick Leaves = 6 days. So 2 (i.e. 1.5 + 0.5) leaves per month. So we’ve made the following two types (i.e. Casual and Sick) as Earned Leaves on a monthly frequency and made a leave policy with these two types and attached it to Employee 1

And granted these leaves to the Employee 1 with leave period as 1-1-2020 to 31-12-2020

Based on the above scenario, as of today (i.e. 24th July 2020) Employee, 1 should have 12 leaves (i.e. 9 casual leaves and 3 sick leaves) allocated to him for the months Jan - Jun 2020.

But still, today (i.e. 24th July 2020), when the Employee 1 logs in, he does not see any earned leaves (i.e. Casual or Sick) that he can utilize and apply for.

What more needs to be done so that this employee can see the 12 leaves to be utilized?


Yes, the employee should have 12 leaves. Could you please check the “Leave Allocation” doctype and see if the leaves are allocated there?

Also based on the screenshot, the employee also has Privilege leave. Is this part of your leave policy? Check if correct leave policy is set in the employee master.

Awaiting your reply.

Yes privilege leave is the part of my leave policy. I have grant the leaves using leave period.
This is the leave allocation for employee(Earned leave allocation)

This is our leave policy. in this casual and sick leaves are earning leaves and privilege leave is normal leave.

This is the casual leave type that we have added in leave policy.