Employee ID Issue (Bug?) ERPNext 8.0.42 Production

Ok, I created a short list of users using the quick popup form in Setup > Users

  • During the process I accidentally made a typo in the email address.
  • I logged out as a user and logged back in as Administrator so I could fix the typo.
  • The typo was corrected and the user saved again. I logged out from Administrator and logged is a a user.
  • I went to Setup> HR> Employee and tried to identify the user as an employee.
    The drop-down list of user ID’s still contained the typo I had already corrected. When I selected the email address with the typo and tried to correct it in the Employee creation screen, the email disappeared when I left that field. This leave me no way to get a correct employee id for this user.

This has occurred with 2 users that I cannot make into employees. Both were due to typos in the email address that the Administrator was able to correct but the corrections are not available to the employee creation screen.

Oh yeah… I also used the “Reload” command from the menu drop down so the cache was cleared before trying to create the employee ID’s.

This looks like a bug. Does anyone know of a work around?


I think you actually have to rename the user

When viewing the user record, at the top right, go to “Menu” and “Rename” and fix the typo.

Note that I have not tested this.

@felix Amazing!! that was the fix.

I had already read in other threads that the email address could only be fixed from the Administrator account. And, that seems to be true. You can in fact log in as Administrator and alter the email address for a user. However, it just does not show up correctly anywhere else in the system.

By using the Menu> Rename function, I didn’t even have to be in the Administrator account to get it fixed. Once done that opened up the correct email addresses when I went to the Employee add-on screen and the Sales Person add-on screen after that.

Your insight was very helpful. Thank you!!:slight_smile::grin::sunglasses:

Edit: Just for complete information here. I had already fixed the email addresses from Administrator, but nothing worked until I used the Menu> Rename function afterward as a regular user. So, that may mean that you have to do both for the complete fix.Thanks.