Employee Leave Balance Displayed All Employees Data - Unable to Limit


I would like to seek advice here on how to allow a non HRUSER and non HRMANAGER user to view the Employee Leave Balance report.

ERPNext ver 12.
Having a user, with leave approval privileges.
This user is a Supervisor of a department. This department has, for eg., 2 employees out of 10 total.
Need to let this Supervisor to be able to view the Employee Leave Balance report only for the corresponding 2 employees as configured in the department, and not all 10 of them.

Things tried but didn’t work:

  1. Went to Role Permission for Page and Report, Selected Employee Leave Balance Report, and assigned it to the role of the Supervisor.
    Not able to query any rows in Employee Leave Balance report.

  2. Added into the Role Permission Manager of the Supervisor’s role, the DocTypes of Department, Employee, Leave Types, Leave Allocation, Leave Policy, and all other Leave related Doctypes.
    Not able to query any rows in Employee Leave Balance report.

  3. Assigned role of HRUSER, and later tried HRMANAGER as well.
    Here the Supervisor sees all employees, even though already configured the User Permission to restrict to his Department.

Looking forward to your kind advices.


Best Regards.

For Employee Permission, need to enable “Report” in order for Supervisor to view Employee Leave Balance Report. Hope this helps!