Employee list restriction

Dear sir,

For unknown reason the employee list is now restricted when I open in from my administrator account. My account has all the roles enabled however I can only see 2 employees.

Here is the restriction details

Field Value
Company Open Minds CIT
Name EMP/0001 or EMP/0003

I don’t understand how is restriction done and how to remove it as normally I want to see here all my employees.
I also try to edit the second employee visible here but despite I select an exit date and I get a confirmation the user is disabled I come back to this employee list to see the employee is still active !!!

I am tired with this and I need to be able to use the software without restrictions as I am the main administrator or the software.

Wael Hossam

did you do any restriction for company?

Hello Santhida, I do not do any restrictions or need any. I actually don’t understand why I would need document restriction if I can just add permissions and remove permissions from users

Go you user permission list and check what user permissions have been applied to you. If you do not want any of them then select all and delete them and then check whether you can see all the employees or no.

Did you mark this employee as Left?


Yes I marked the employee as left but stay active in the list. I also want to understand what is meant by “Restricted” in the employee list!

Untick “Create User Permission”


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