Employee Multiple Hiring and Leaving Dates

I have one or two employees who come and go depending on seasonal jobs. It would be great if we could configure ERPNext to have a child table for each employee, tracking work presence at a company. For example, Mr. Example is hired on April 1, 2017, and then he decides to leave on July 15, 2016. He works elsewhere, and next year, he is hired again. Then, the employee would have several instances of work, with the history of start and end date for each, including salary structure, etc.

@Tropicalrambler You can use the Contract doctype for this kind of seasonal jobs which are for a specific period and thus enter the Start and End date.



In employee master, there is a section called “History in company” where you can track the internal details.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks! I had forgotten about this post, but will put it to good use. I appreciate the replies, @Mitali_Deshpande and @Reema_Mehta!

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