Employee Photo and user Photo

On ERPNext version 12.x.x-develop, we noticed that, employee photo usually can be added by HR staff, and user profile photo can be added by user self ( just regular user, just in employee role.).
We expected that, once Employee photo added by HR staff, user profile photo can be updated accordingly.
Or user updated user profile photo, employee photo can be changed automatically as well.
Please advise how can we achieve that goal.



So you will have to insert or add user_id.user_image in the fetch_from of the image field in the Employee master.


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Hi Reema
I just followed with your guide, but seems no effect.
I tried

  1. Just deleted the exist photo in employee form
  2. Delete the photo on both employee form and user form and upload the photo again.
    Both of them don’t work.
    Please advise.

Hi Reema

After with more test. I realized.
whatever i changed in user photo, i must manually click save button en employee page to make it happen.
Still so good.