Employee restrictions

I have a v13 running on cloud. I have 15 employees record.
I am aware of Create User Permission checkbox while creating ERPNext user in HR module/Employee doctype.

I recently came to know that my employee no. 14 has access to employee 15’s records. And there is a restriction set to allow 15’s record. I don’t know how this permission was set and where was it set from. I don’t remember setting such permissions. And there is no such record in User Permission.

User permission for employee 15 is for employee 15 only. Emp 14 doesnot have such permissions.

but still Emp 14 sees Emp 15 .

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Solved it! (posting for future reference for anyone)

It appears that under Employee Doctype, in Emp 15’s Department and Grade section, ‘Reports to’ was set to Emp 14.

Removed that ‘Reports to’ value and now Emp 14 does not see Emp 15’s records.

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