Employee Score Card

Just Like Supplier Scorecard, there should be a well thought and well designed, highly customisable EMPLOYEE SCORE CARD in the HR Module.

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For any kind of feature request, you have to create Github Issue with specific details.

I think the term Employee Scorecard might be slightly offensive to staff if they heard they are scored like this. However, a Performance Evaluation document that is used periodically to evaluate employees would be very useful. It could still have scorecard-like data (attendace, relevant performance measurements such as Sales vs Target / productivity, etc).

Are there any HR people that can suggest what requirements should be incorporated?


There is the existing Appraisal Template and Appraisal document types. I have not used them as of yet. However just looking at the template document there is a place to put in the appraisal item and give it a weight and then apply the template to an appraisal with remarks. What else do you need?

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Gave it a serious thought and I think this workable. Thanks for sharing !!