Employee Self Service - How to modify this role

Hi Team,

I want to modify “Employee Self Service” role but I am unable to make any changes. Actually wanted to remove “Payroll” module from list. Tried to make the changes but It is grayed out all the fields.

Can some please help me to modify this role.

Satish Aralkar

Hi @satisharalkar,

If it does not appear in the roll list then one by one open the right document related to employee self-service. And remove them.


Thanks @NCP

I tried this option but did not resolved issue. I have created new custom role and assigned to employees.
Thanks once again

Hi @satisharalkar,

Which version do you use?

I am on ERPNext: v13.27.1 (version-13)

Hi @satisharalkar,

We are going the wrong way.

To handle the case of limited access of documents for the employees by default ERPNext has added a new user type ‘Employee Self Service’.

The above table also acts as the Role Permission Manager for this particular User Type (Employee Self Service in our case). Employee Self Service as a role won’t be accessible in the general Role Permission Manager.

More Details of Employee Self Service for check it, please.

Thank You!

This is helpful. Thanks for this.

How do you remove certiain modules from this role (e.g. Quality)

Don’t wan’t an ESS user to see a lof of the options on the left below. This role is not available on the role permission manager:

Hi @tefobw,

I think you can set it in the user account of Allow Modules section.

Please set your according module and check it.

Thank You!

You mean on the user level?

Won’t this be tedious if I need to do it for say 50 ESS users? Ideally it would be best if this can be managed at role level

You can use Module Profile then assign to Users, You can easily assign on “User Report”