Employee under Labour Subcontracting


So I have a few employees in my company which are not directly under my payroll. They are under a contract from another manpower supply company (MSP).

I don’t want to add these employees under my company name. I just provide attendance to the MSP. I want to add these employees in my HR Employee list to keep a track of their details and attendance.

I am only able to find subcontracting under Manufacturing module and nothing under HR module. Which is the best way to go about it?

Since I didn’t get any possible solution for now, I have incorporated those employees under the same company, but with the Employee ID as “Contractor-XXXX” where XXXX is the serial number.

However, if any viable solution is developed for this, please do share!

One approach would be to create a custom select field in the Employee doctype, with two options “Contractor” and “Direct Hire”.

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That sounds like a good option! Thanks