Employee Vacation Allocation

Dears -:

when a new employee join to the company . he gets a joined date so for instance ,

Employee A ---------- “Joined date” 1-1-2016
Employee B ---------- “Joined date” 17-2-2016
Employee C ---------- “Joined date” 20-3-2016

My Question Related to Vacation Allocation
i need to make a scenario work as follows:

Employee (joining date ) <= 6 month ----------------------------- Get a 3 day vacation
6 month < Employee (joining date ) < 12 month ----------------------------- Get a 15 day vacation
Employee (joining date ) > 12 month --------------------- Get 18 day vacation

i cant do this using Leave Allocation Tool.

i have an idea but i don’t know how to do it ,

  • ) The Leave Control Panel has the ability to scan all the employees against some criteria and then allocate them the Type and the period of the vacation .

  • ) Employee forum has a field named “Employment Type” so we cant create for example
    Three Type
    Type 1 ------ Employee less than or equal to 6 month period .
    Type 2 ------ Employee more than 6 month period and less than 12 month
    Type 3 ------ Employee more than 12 month period .

    so First we need a sequence of scripts

A) script 1

Subtract the Joining date from Today date  
If the result was <= 6 month so it change the "Employment Type" to          type 1
If the result was > 6 month < 12 so it change the "Employment Type" to     type 2
If the result was > 12 month so it change the "Employment Type" to           type 3

B) Script 2

Run the The Leave Control Panel for the Three type
Match Employment Type
Type 1     and allocate 
Type 2     and allocate 
Type 3     and allocate

hello guys , any guides ?


Sorry as this feature is not available for now. Perhaps you can get it customized from one of our Service Provider for one time fee. You can post Job for getting this job done.


If you get it customized, please also consider contributing it to ERPNext by sending a pull request.

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