Employees cannot see themselves in the employee tab/input after upgrading to version 15

After upgrading to version 15, employees cannot see themselves. Nothing has changed with the permissions or roles.

All employees have the “Employee” role and have the permission to read the employee tab.

Also, I even tried to give all the roles and permissions to a user and still they can’t see the employee list or themselves.

This issues is only for the users who did not have any extra roles, only the “employee” role and it worked fine with version 13.

One thing I’ve noticed: one user (let’s call it Bob) had the “Leave approver” role and everything worked fine (they could see themselves in the employee tab) and then I’ve removed the role and only kept the “employee” role and nothing has changed (they can still see themselves). I’ve compared every setting and role with the user Bob and another user (who only had the “employee” role previously and could not see themselves now) and everything is the same…but still, the “employee” role does not work for them, only for Bob, who previously had the Leave approver role.

My guess is that users who had extra roles in version 13, now everything is working for them with the versions 15, even if i remove the extra roles and keep only the “employee” role. But for the other users, it does not work with “employee” role.

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