Employees Payable Report

How could I generate employees payables report like supplier payable report?

Hi @rachanna,

I think, please you should check the Employee Advance Summary Report.

Maybe will solve your problem.

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It only shows advanced details but not any other accrued expenses.

Hi @rachanna,

ERPNext provides only base reports.


If you want then please develop the report.

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CHATGPT will help you.I only prompted it and below is the answer from chatbot:
In ERPNext, generate a script report for employee payable that contains all employee advances and accrued expenses
To generate a script report for employee payable that contains all employee advances and accrued expenses in ERPNext, you can follow these steps:

Go to the “Customize” module in ERPNext and click on “Custom Reports” in the dropdown menu.

Click on “New” to create a new custom report.

Enter a name for your report in the “Report Name” field, such as “Employee Payable with Advances and Accrued Expenses”.

In the “Report Type” field, select “Script Report”.

In the “Script” field, paste the following code:

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from frappe import _

def execute(filters=None):
columns = [
_(“Employee”) + “:Link/Employee:120”,
_(“Advance Amount”) + “:Currency:120”,
_(“Accrued Expense”) + “:Currency:120”,
_(“Total Payable”) + “:Currency:120”

data = []

employees = frappe.get_all("Employee", fields=["name"])

for employee in employees:
    advance_amount = frappe.db.get_value("Employee Advance", {"employee": employee.name}, "sum(amount)")
    if advance_amount is None:
        advance_amount = 0
    accrued_expense = frappe.db.get_value("Employee Accrued Expense", {"employee": employee.name}, "sum(amount)")
    if accrued_expense is None:
        accrued_expense = 0
    total_payable = advance_amount + accrued_expense
    row = [employee.name, advance_amount, accrued_expense, total_payable]
return columns, data

Save the report and go to the “Reports” module in ERPNext.

Find your custom report in the list of reports and click on it to run it.

The report will display a table with four columns: Employee, Advance Amount, Accrued Expense, and Total Payable. The Advance Amount column will show the total amount of employee advances for each employee, the Accrued Expense column will show the total amount of accrued expenses for each employee, and the Total Payable column will show the sum of the Advance Amount and Accrued Expense columns for each employee.

To get the summary of employee balances, try the report called Trial Balance by Party by choosing party type as Employee.