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Hello Dears,
I’m from DR Congo and there is a huge need of ERPs over there…right now I just like to know how to set up employer’s contribution in ERPNext.
Shortly in DRC , the National Social Security Deduction(Contribution) rate is 8.5% , the employer will pay 3.5% for an employee and the remaining 5% (8.5%-3.5%=5.0%)will be deducted from the employee salary.
Off course that 3.5% paid by the employer will be reported in the Cost To company CTC. How to set it up?
your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Use a journal entry

OK bro but is there a way to make it automatic for the whole payroll process?

Not yet. If you have any ideas, you can suggest. If you are a developer, you can also contribute to the project

Ok I will think this over…In fact there should be a heading in the salary structure where deduction should be deducted on the employer account rather than on the employee account.
Will revert back to you ASAP.
Many thanks

Any progress on this?

As far as I know no…

I was actually waiting for this: