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I had added a employee as a piecework (Employment Type), but when i am making pay roll for it there is no option to choose how many pieces he has made so that i can calculate his salary. he is working as per piece he produces and he will get salary as per that. how can i do that in erpnext. please guide if there is a way to do this.


You can make Salary slip from Timesheet. Check.


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I think timesheet will not work for me as it is based on hours not as per piece. let me clear my problem, e.g. i have workers and they make different piece with different rate and their pay will be based on that.

Has anyone found a solution for this? Payroll based on piece work? Where the employee is paid for the items produced rather than hourly or monthly

Hello All,
I think it is best to use the Sub contracting module in case of Piece work.
This way once can transfer the Raw Materials to Sub Contractor and keep a track of that, there is no need to keep a track of time as the payment will be made on piece basis (quantity produced)

So can someone walk me through this because piecework isn’t mentioned anywhere in the documentation. ERP next has a manufacturing module but it doesn’t have any place to put my labor cost per unit and assign it to an employee. I find that hard to believe.

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This can be set in the Workstation doctype under the Manufacturing Module of ERPNext. Kindly refer the following link to know ore about the same.

Hello I wish I would have seen this sooner! I do not see any option in the work station. I followed your link and it said nothing about piece work. I wish ERP next would interview me and we can make a video series from it. I am very good at making how to videos.

Here is my problem.

My company uses -

1 and 2

In the process of combining one and two we use

100 grams of one and 50 grams of 2 for our recipe. A total of 150 grams of product.

Then the Product goes to get shaped. We pay a worker $1 for every product shaped.

From there is goes to quality and they are paid 50 cents to check.

We check roughly 100,000 pieces per month. With ten people working.