Empty Home/Login Screen

Hi All,

I had installed the V12 on a new VM and stuck at the following issue where the login screen is empty after creating new site and installing erpnext app. It was a manual install. bench update/build did not really help. have you come across this and how did you fix this problem? hope someone can help me here.

I think I have seen similar behavior when frappe was there but the ERPNext app somehow was not installed correctly. I’d try to install ERPNext again to your site and see whether the problem goes away

Thanks. I did re-install but the problem persists on IE but chrome is fine. I believe IE 11 is supported by ERPNEXT. isn’t it?

no. it isn’t. I suggest you do not waste your and our time any longer with trying to use an unsupported browser. Firefox is the browser of choice.

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Chrome works fine too. Make sure both are of latest version. We have found some functions behaving erratically on a older version of FireFox.

that’s true. I was trying to promote Firefox because it is very important Google does not win the browser war because Google is Google and needs strong competition.

Actually Opera (even though not officially supported) also works well as far as I can tell.

You are half right. Opera works well at first. Over time it starts caching a great deal of your screen visits and then begins to give you a false idea of where you are when it decides to display for you a cached version of a screen. This can lead to very misleading results when you are trying to find something. This ultimately will slow you down as you try to figure out why the screen does not display as you think it should.

I have read on some forums that there are ways to setup Opera to minimize this, but with firefox working so well I have just never bothered to try to “make” a browser work right. I am sure that as a web surfing browser it is just fine, but with an interactive database application maybe not so much.

As always - Your mileage may vary… :sunglasses:


thanks for the insights.

I agree with you … there is not point whatsoever trying to make any other then the supported browsers work.