Empty last records in the table should be automatically removed

This is a standard feature of ERPNext that if user is entering data in a child table , it adds an empty line automatically for convenience in data entry. While this helpful in speeding up the data entry, the system should also keep track of those empty lines that either user has really entered the data on them or not and it not then remove those line automatically while saving the doc (Sales Order, Journal Entry and etc…) rather than giving the error to either enter the data on those line or must delete those line manually.

The above suggestion/enhancement is a standard feature in most popular ERPs and the demanding features of my client’s data entry users as you know that they need fast data entry systems and should not stop/slow them for unwanted actions.

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I think you have pointed out an important issue in ERPNext, which is obviously not a technical one. I have installed it in my PC recently to explore. My experience with ERPNext is very good so far. It is a comprehensive one. But, as you pointed out the ease of data entry is some where found to be compromised. In transaction modules, while you enter multiple lines of records in a child table, some of the values from previous line either being carried forward as is or computed value is put in as default value. Again, this feature is given for the ease of data entry.