Enable and then Disable Developer mode in Production - Side affects

We have our production server running, and also have a online store. I want to customize the address doctype in formview, to change a field (city) from type data, to type Select.

But it asks me to get into developer mode.

Now in my production server, can i just run the "bench set-config developer_mode 1 " command, do the webform change. And then set “bench set-config developer_mode 0”.

Will there be any side affects (routing, nginx, slow down). Or will i be able to use my server as before normally once i disable the developer mode.

Pls let me know.

Hi @kothagunda

Don’t enable the developer mode in the Production Server, because it will allow you to make changes in the standard doctypes. If you made changes, then system update the respective doctypes .json files in the server and it will not be allowed you to update the next changes related to the same doctype. For example, in address doctype, you have made some changes and same time Frappe Team added new fields in the same doctype. Then you can not able to pull the latest changes made by the frappe team in your server.

If you want to make changes in the standard doctype use customize form
Also, don’t change the behavior of the standard fields, better add new custom field using customize form

Thanks @rohit_w .
Actually i dont want to get into developer mode either. Unfortunately the address form view doctype is not allowed to be customized. If we try to change, It gives a a dialogue box saying you need to be in developer mode and and asks to change the site config.json file.

Thats the only reason i want to do this.

The problem is that, when customers do checkout online, they have to add the address. And we want to restrict users to only certain pincodes. So i am chaning the pincode field to select type, and user will only be able to use the pincodes i have put in the pincode select options. So i am dependent on this address doctype.

Apart from upgrades, will there be any other issue ?

If you’re allowing developer mode on, the system manager, administrator get access to making changes in the standard doctypes. Now if someone has removed any standard field and if there is code written at the server side against the field then the application will break. So you have to take care of the standard fields.

Did you try to customize address doctype using customize form?
If you’re doing customizations using customize form then you can upgrade your system in future without any issue. So I suggest you, instead of doing changes in the doctype directly try to do same changes using customize form

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Hi @rohit_w,
Using customize form means still depends on the available fields in the doctypes, right?
What if it is required to add new data to the doctype?

You can add new custom fields

Thanks @rohit_w for the suggestion. I created a new custom doctype instead of modifying the existing one in the web form. And it is working fine.

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