Enable button is inactive on users module. Cannot activate or deactivate user

Hello fam.Some time back in 2019 our ERP system was upgraded from version 10 to 12. This came with a multitude of problems including;

  1. Inability to activate or deactivate users because the enable button is greyed out
  2. Inability to apply new roles to permissions etc
    So I upgraded the system just over the week and have started using hoping that those were version 12 issue but I do not see any change. I wanna take it step by step. I have attached a screen shot of how the page looks like in version ERPNext: v13.35.0 (version-13).

I also checked the tabUser table just to see if the collumn enable had anything unique there was nothing unique. Fieldtype is int(1) collation is null , null is not allowed and default is 1
Any help will be appreciated


Its possible only administrator login, did you logged user wise?

Hello Jecintha, thanks for responding. Yes this happens even when I am logged in as administrator