Enable changing "Batch" to non "Batch" status on Item

Hi, I see it as a recurrent request for many years to allow changing the “Has Batch No” flag after the item creation.

Yet, every post I’ve reviewed on this matter gives the same solution: New item must be created.

Once an item has been created and used it is very inconvenient to create a new item to change this status as there are so many transactions built on top of it (inventory, accounting, production, sales and purchase records, etc…) and creating a new item would just erase the “history” of it.

Is it absolutely impossible to create a solution for this?

I’m no programmer but I guess a possible solution would be that if someone chooses not to have batches, the system would just assign a generic batch to every item and select it by default on transactions. In the future if the user chooses to turn Batches back on, there would be no need to create a new item.

Best regards!

P.S: ERPNext Rocks!!!

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