Enable developer mode

Please help me in giving step by step instructions to enable developer mode
Iam running erpnext on windows 10 using vm
Thanks and regards

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Please go to sites folder and add following to the common_site_config.json

'developer_mode': 1,

Hope this helps to resolve your issue

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bench --site [site name] set-config developer_mode 1


Thanks for the reply
I am on windows using vm
how do i go to the sites folder

Thanks again

thanks for the reply
I used the command
bench --site [site name] set-config developer_mode 1
site name i used was “sites1.local”
it gives me this error

this is the same error it gives me when i try to do a bench update

Thanks again

try to download VM again and run bench update

Thanks that Helped me. :gift:

Thanks for the suggestion
removed vm and reinstalled with latest version
but still stuck at the same point
same error again


You need to update click to latest version as follows,

sudo -H pip install --upgrade click

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Anyone has tried to become a developer recently? I am unable to do so even after following all the steps mentioned above.