Enable Donations to the Foundation with paypal.me

I am taking from this post that the Foundation is able to receive donations.

However the way to do that is not properly set up as far as I am aware of and I would not be surprised if there weren’t any donations made ever.

The “Donate” button on the top menu here leads to the membership site of the Foundation which consequently means there is a certain level of bureaucracy involved (becoming a member) and the minimum amount of a donation was USD 200. Also existing members could not donate on top of their membership (beyond getting a second one).

I believe this does not suit the needs of someone who wants to give back something spontaneously (because he/she had a good experience here in the forum i.e.) because it is too complicated and the amount too high.

I believe there is a very easy way to solve this blockage by setting up a paypal.me link for the Foundations PayPal account and link it to the “Donate” button.

That way any amount could be donated with a very limited amount of actions required. And I believe this should be possible.


@codingCoffee in another context you had offered help with this. If you have a minute these days it would be nice whether you could look into this or point me to someone with the ability to get this done (needs access to the Foundations PayPal account and the erpnext.com backend).

@codingCoffee any chance to make progress with this some time in the near future? If this is beyond your reach at the moment can you point me to the right person to talk to?

Is this done?

We aren’t using ERPNEXT or FRAPPE, but I am experimenting with it and doing some rudimentary development. It would be nice to give a small donation to show support for this software.

Perhaps donors could get a donor badge on the forum or something? Just a thought…