Enable POS discount

Hi, for those who have noticed…My POS discount suddenly disappeared two weeks ago…Just waited for new version that came today,still no discount…Shit…Check documentation and Yes, you have to check Allow discount in POS profile…

@rohit_w can you check?

Hi @becht_robert,

It’s working properly, you need to check Allow Discount in the POS profile. We have added this feature because some user want to disable the extra discount for POS.

Hi, yes , after two weeks suffering without discount, i checked github, and
saw new feature…the sorting of most sold items is a great
feature…thnx anyway, robert

@rohit_w There is no option to disable Discount for POS User using POS Profile. I saw above posts (Add discount on POS) and it seems this was available in versions 7 but in current version 9 there is no provision to disable Discount for POS. Is there any other way we can disable discount in Online POS Version 9?


Can you please make github issue, we’ll add it

Thanks @rohit_w. Here is the link of github issue Enable/Disable Discount in POS using POS Profile.

@rohit_w @jparikh
any update about the issue to ability for enable or disable Discount part V9 or 10

Here is the pull request for the same. :slight_smile:
Enable/Disable Discount in POS using POS Profile #11748