Enable Provisional Accounting For Non Stock Items


I see a new option under company setup referred to as ‘Enable Provisional Accounting For Non Stock Items’. Can I know the purpose of it? @rmehta

Will appreciate your response.

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Got the solution. Much awaited functionality is released. Thank You @rmehta

ERPNext Features v13.20.0 and 13.21.0

Provisional accounting for expenses

Deepesh ensured that on posting a purchase receipt for a Non-Stock Item, provisional accounting entries will be passed and the same will be reversed on posting the actual purchase invoice on the invoice posting date.

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It is still not clear to me, why we need this feature. What would be a proper use case to use it and what are the financial impacts?


Is this the reason asset received not billed is nomore posted on purchase receipts?

There are no ledgers posted for service items in Purchase Receipts, but if you enable provisional accounting, you will have ledgers posted on purchase receipts on provisional accounts.

is there any documentation available on this feature yet?