Enabling Currency Field Links in Script Reports

Hello Everyone,

I’ve created a script report that includes a currency field. I want to enable users to click on the currency field and be redirected to another report that applies the same filter. Could anyone help me with how to achieve this?

Thank you!

Please check the base report,

action will be performed on the button.

Thank you for your response to my question. However, the solution provided doesn’t quite address what I’m looking for. Let me clarify my requirements further:

I have a column in my Python configuration, defined as follows:

            'label': _('Invoice Amount'),
            'fieldtype': 'Currency',
            'fieldname': 'invoice_amount',
            'width': 150,

What I need is for this column to be interactive, such that when a user clicks on any cell in this “Invoice Amount” column, it triggers a redirection to another report.

Screenshot from 2024-05-22 17-53-29


Can anyone help me with this issue? I still haven’t found any solution