Enclose attachments automatically

I’ve got two scenarios in which I would like to be able to enclose attachments automatically.

  1. I use general terms and conditions, which is stated in a pdf document of 4 pages published by a branch organization. The terms doctype is an addition to this, changing on a case to case basis. I want to enclose the general terms and conditions with every quotation, sales order and purchase order that’s sent. One way would be to convert the existing .pdf file into an HTML file and include it hardcoded into the custom print template I’m using. But maybe one of you knows a way to enclose the .pdf into the email that’s sending the sales document or to automatically merge it with the .pdf of the sales document?

  2. The other scenario is that with certain products, I’m always sending a certain product sheet when I offer them. Is there a way to do this automatically?


You can select additional attachments when emailing Quotation etc. Of course this is manual, but if you have to have it automatic you may have to modify the core files to do this or send a Pull Request.