End to end AP automation solution from invoice extraction, reconciliation and managing exceptions

Hi. This is Karan CEO of goAlex.ai | Shipmnts.com. We have leveraged ERPnext with focus on the domain of logistics and freight. Recently we released an AP automation piece integrated with ERPNext. And for cases with greater than 25,000 purchases invoices a year we saw a good ROI with introduction of auto extraction of invoice data, its auto mapping to ERPNext charge master and rule based auto checks on the invoice data (time to process invoice at under a min). Plus it did free up bandwidth of overburdened finance teams. If you may be looking for automating accounts payable processes on top of ERPNext let us know. We are looking at licensing the tech with our heuristics/ML models plus self learning part. ML models / product can be easily extended to any type of invoices via the self learning UI.

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Is the OCR application you have developed open source or proprietary?

Looks proprietary as there is license involved.

Pawan, we are OCR agnostic as we never focussed on the solved problem of Character Extraction from a page with its coordinate. Google and Amazon do a great job at it and our system uses both of them.

Yes thought the same, seems like a domain specific solution which you are trying to market and sell, would let you know in case of any leads.

Thanks Pawan. Its domain agnostic. Our customers are processing invoices ranging from Shipping lines, airlines to transporter and other key vendors… can work for any type of invoice.