Energy Point System validity from and to date

I have a question/clarification needed regarding Energy Point System.

Suppose till the date 04/Aug/2022, system was set to award 10 points for every support issue closed by a support executive. And from 5 August, we need to award 12 points instead of 10. So, will updating it also change the previous scoring by employees?

Generally to avoid any changes in previous records and Leaderboard rankings, the concept of validity from and to is used.

How does it works in ERPNext. In my business case, the previous points received shall not get changed by any change in point system rules. It shall effect only future point accumulations.

No, already awarded energy points remain the same. Rules are evaluated at time of events (like document submission, completion etc etc)

EPS has its own “ledger” called “energy point log” which is kinda immutable for all practical purposes.

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Thanks @ankush for your quick clarification. Appreciate it :+1: