Energy Points - Pointers

I think the energy points system is brilliant!

We’re trying to learn how to reward activities that promote good team work and communication (without using email) and we’re trying to understand how the system works

Is there a way to award points for comments that a user makes anywhere in the system?

We tried (see screen shot), but it doesn’t appear to have the effect of adding points when we add a comment.

Your pointers would be most welcome.

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Please try setting up the following.

Hope this helps.


That worked perfectly! Cheers.

One quick follow up for the group:

When I entered a test comment falling the excellent suggestion from @michelle it showed the +2 points and that is great for us!

I then deleted the test comment and it appeared that I also received 2 points (possibly two times) when I deleted.

Is there something in settings that I can change to prevent that?


Could you please try this and let me know if it works for you?

In the condition box, put: doc.comment_type!=‘Deleted’

Hope this helps.



This powerful energy points feature has the potential to really help the gamification concept and I think it is really cool.


the energy points system is very helpful for user motivation.:+1:

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do you have any option for the energy points for modifying the document field


Thank you for your great help.

System is applying Energy Points when the document got Deleted. What is the condition that I need to use so that the Energy Points rule doesn’t get applied when the Task document got deleted. So far, I have tried the following:

doc.status == 'Completed' and doc.deleted_doctype != 'Task'

doc.status == 'Completed' and doc.task_type != 'Deleted'

doc.status == 'Completed' and doctype != 'Deleted'

Any clues, please?