Engineering service industry

Hi ppl,
We are totally new to erp next.
Currently we are using quickbooks for accounting. We are in engineering job work field[machining steel parts].

Customer will give metal component along with drawing and component delivery challan.
We undergo material removing as per customer requirement mentioned in the drawing.
Customer undergo qc.
We will return the material with our delivery challan referencing their dc no
Later invoice will be generated with reference to our and their dc.

What we require in erp.
Initial document - referencing material in from customer mentioning customer dc
2nd document - after job work complete our delivery challan referencing customer dc
3rd document - sales invoice for the 2nd document

So once 2nd document is raised it is clear that we have no customer material thereafter. Like checking stock.

Kindly let me know such process is available.
Imo it is very basic but I doubt, since material and accounts document are involved, it will be more customizable. I dont find such thing in QB. So I am a curious whether erpnext can solve my requirement.


This might help you Customer Provided Items

Thank you for your support sir…
Yet to succeed as per your response.
Your procedure involves BOM, production plan etc… looks advanced to our case…

My requirement is simple…
Customer material is coming inside the factory.
Machining is done.
Customer material is returned back.
Simple job work.

1st entry in our system is customer material delivery challan or work order or purchase order.
2nd entry is our delivery challan Indicating customer dc or work order or po…
3rd entry is invoice reference to customer dc, our dc , wo or po…

We actually dont use SO or any other document…

On having the 1st document we can know material stock.
2nd document will indicate the material despatch details…

So with the details provided, please let me know how to do entries in ERPnext.

Thanks in advance

What is the unit that is ordered / invoiced? By the job, amount of material machined (weight, mm etc?

What are the QB functions that are used for order entry , tracking and delivery/invoicing?