[Enhancement] Point of sale

Hello All,

We have modified the POS, which is available in develop branch.
Features are:

  • Offline(Max 1000 invoices)

  • Multi mode payment

  • Change amount

  • Create customer from POS.

For demo click here

Kindly share your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks, Rohit


Looks good. It would be really useful if the product price (rate) could be changed as well as quantity. Rather than an overall discount.

So customer comes in and orders 1 item at price ÂŁ13, we manually change that to ÂŁ11 -without it updating the master record


wow…I love the offline capabilities and the overal layout of the payment modal screen…Hopefully the numeric keys are touch enabled.

Great work!

The only comment I can make is that it might be useful for the cashier to call out the Outstanding and Change values…They’re ussually in high volume/stress situations and every little bit of visual help we could give will improve their (and their customers’) experience… See an example below

I like the changes, the offline capabilities are particularly good.

Would anybody else know what would be the preferred method in implementing an online booking form which would work with POS.

Can ERPNext handle the below requirement and if yes what would be the recommended implementation method?

Client would like to show online booking times. Website would show available time slots (I assume these would be setup as ITEMs with Stock Maintained?

Eg. 2 People would like to book online using payment gateway for a specified time and date. Once booked the POS solution would recognise this and ensure if a walk in customer from the street attempted to book at same time this would not be possible.

Also we would like to be able to update the website once a specified time slot became fully occupied.

This type of functionality is available for many Restaurants so hopefully we can do the same in ERPNext?

Any suggestions? Would like to stay away from a third party integration if possible.

Good work All.


Hi @rohit_w @rmehta Could you have any recommendations relating to the above? Client looking to ERPNext but comparing with the accounta POS product.

One of their primary requirements is that POS would cater for a realtime online table reservation solution which integrates with the POS Module.

Eg. Customer books restaurant table at 7.00pm for say 4 people via the website. This online booking notifies the POS module so that a walk in customer could not take the same booking time slot as the restaurant capacity is full. POS would be able to show real time booking availability at say 7.30 and a table of 2 as an example.

What could be the best way to achieve this result using ERPNext or is this not possible at this stage?

Also other POS products allow the users to configure standard questions that pop up when either particular items are purchased or the total bill is being paid…

Example… Item Coffee purchased and selected by User in POS module.

Pre configured question pops up to prompt user to ask “would you like to order from a selection of our discounted cakes sir/madam”?.

Thanks for improving POS. This is cetainly making the product more appealing to shop and customer facing clients.



Looks terrific. A much needed improvement to ERPNext. I will be downloading the development version and testing it soon.

One thing you do not show in the video is if you can manage different clients at the same time while online, like you do offline. That is you create a sell order and before it is paid, you open a new blank one, add items to it, and then you can switch between them, pay each one in any order, etc… I am guessing that since you can offline you will be online, but it would be good to know for sure.

If this is the case, I would suggest being able to switch between the active (not paid) orders easier than now (having some list on screen or something) and have a different more hidden list for the offline paid orders (like the one now). Having them mixed might be confusing.


Hi @PeterStuel,

Thanks for your suggestion,
Yes, you can perform all the operation in online mode too.

System stores POS data(Online & Offline) in the cache.

On a minute interval, it sync data if internet connection is available and invoice is submitted.

Before sync, user can make operations like add/remove qty, capture payment etc on the POS invoice list.

To avoid confusion between paid and non-paid orders, we will add status on list view.

Thanks, Rohit

Its great to see improvements in POS. However I feel that having the quantities just as a whole number is not ok. The POS needs to have a touch number pad to change quantities in decimal numbers. This is needed for all businesses which sells in decimal quantities. Many items are sold in decimal quantities like sweets (mithai / speciality chocolates), teas, fruits, vegetables, spices, fabrics, cheese, meat, etc. You can make check their POS on their trial version and make it better here.

I still think having two independent lists is better UX wise but having the status in the list view is an improvement.

Another question/suggestion is if the non-submitted orders are stored only on RAM or also permanently using html5 local storage or similar? It is useful to be able to close the browser or even the computer and have the non-submitted orders still there so they are there on restart and nothing is lost

We are keeping order’s data in local storage, data will not lost even if user has closed the browser and restart the computer. If user did browser’s clear cache then data will lost, so don’t do clear cache of the browser if local storage has order data.

@PaulTheTrouble @Ron_Taylor @chabito79

We have did few changes in the POS like allow to edit rate, invoice status.
To view changes click here

Thanks, Rohit

Great - I will have a play when it comes in to the beta

One more thing could be useful while you are “fiddling” :grin:

A free type message box. Not sure how necessary for most people. But we would be using this to enter sales from Ebay / Amazon. We could put the order number or customer name in there for records (We will have a generic “Amazon” customer so all Amazon sales will under a single customer

Hi Rohit…I tried the POS module today from beta.erpnext.com but could add any item to the cart…Is it buggy?

Hi @chabito79,

Thanks for reporting an issue, checking the issue

Thanks, Rohit

Hi @chabito79,

Have fixed it, please check now

Thanks, Rohit

Works great now! Thanks!

It seems… this new POS profile is not linked with Sales Invoice form view like before??

So we have to put cost center, warehouse, customer, territory etc manually when using form view? What I don’t like the most is…multi-mode of payment is actually good…but again in form view, user will have to put the amount manually. In v5 and v6, POS profile is also applied to form view which makes it easier to do transactions.

One more, the new POS interface looks good, but we cannot add new item??


Correct, Is POS is not working for form view. Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider your suggestion for next update.

Thanks, Rohit


Can you please elaborate more?

Thanks, Rohit

@rohit_w I mean we cannot register/create new item master through POS interface…

In my opinion, disconnecting POS profile with form.view is a major step back… user should be able to make data entry faster n faster on both form and pos view. This new design makes it far slower…especially on payment section.

Putting amount manually in multi mode of payment is very time consuming and may lead mistakes. it should work like in pos view…

Also in top.section there’s still mode of payment field which I think useless and redundant as multi-mode table is already there.

And sales.register report should reflect from this child table, not the field…


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