Enhancement Request: Print GL Accounts Tree

I found this discussion from earlier this year

and while is solves the immediate problem of being able to print the list, what it does not do well is show the account tree. I would like to suggest an enhancement to the main accounts tree view (not list view) to have a print icon added that then allows you to print the tree structure fully exploded (expanded) in regular letter head.


Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestions.

Ok, done


Hi, I’m surprised that there are no more people requesting this because at least in Argentina it’s very normal to want to print the chart of accounts at some point of the year (I’m talking about the tree of course)

Agreed. Looks like the github is going to be put into 7.3. Not sure what the timeline is for that, but it will be a nice add on when it is finished. Right now I am managing two copies - one in MS Word to share with accounting and other folks and then the one in ERPNext. Hoping to just maintain in one place and print PDF for sharing.